Friday, March 11, 2011

Connecting broadband internet in Open suse 11.3

Hi guys, The new Open Suse 11.3 is awesome. The new open suse is efficient than all its previous versions. It is faster and the new look and feel of the OS makes it more beautiful and tempting to use.

We cannot imagine our world without internet. So we all want to be connected to the world in the new Open Suse.

The steps for connecting are similar to the earlier post of Connecting broadband internet in Open Suse 10.2
But there is slight difference in 11.3.

The procedure for configuring DSL is same as it was in previous post but the software for connecting is changed. Only the name is change and the functionality is similar to the old one.
So in 11.3, instead of kinternet, we have qinternet, the tool for connecting net in open suse.

Yast software manager
 (click to enlarge the image)

All the steps to install qinternet are same as we did for kinternet.

So after installing qinternet, you get the same plug icon in the system tray as it was in previous version. So there is no change in the functionality.

have fun with new Open Suse.

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