Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why is Netbeans So Successful

The Netbeans does not require any introduction at all. It is one of the best IDE. Many times I think upon this question "Why is Netbeans so successful?". I have now found out the answer to this question.
    The answer is very simple. To produce a quality product, you need to hear end user's feedback and implement them since the product is being developed for them. The product becomes useless if end users opinions and feedback are not listened and left unimplemented.
      Netbeans development team does the same. Every time when a new version of Netbeans is ready for release, a program called as NetCAT is conducted for all the developers (End users) to provide feedback , find bugs and to decide whether the product is ready for release or not.
      Recently Netbeans 7.1 was released and I participated in NetCAT 7.1 program. I am really glad that they listened my views and the bugs found by me were fixed. Here is the screen shot of the mail I received from Netbeans :

I had also participated in the previous NetCAT program and in that program too they listened my views. So I just want to say that Netbeans does listen our views to make a quality product and thats what makes it a successful IDE.